Scams & Donating/Purchasing for Others

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Scams & Donating/Purchasing for Others

Postby dB. » Thu Jun 16, 2016 6:02 am

On account of the limited payment options available for donation, and also the limited list of countries where they cater, we allow
players donating/purchasing on behalf of other players. However, please take a note of the following while you're involved in any such mutually agreed transaction:

  • It is allowed that your friends donate for you OR purchase items from Store for you, however, your mutual concern is entirely at your own risk. Hence, be careful and avoid getting scammed in any case possible.

  • The server is in no case responsible for any kind of misdeed or transgression resulting in a scam, whatsoever it is.

  • Players can't directly sell you VIP Membership for real money or in-game money because they simply cannot set your VIP status. So, don't believe anyone claiming to make you a VIP for an offer they grant.

  • Trading VIP Membership account is NOT allowed. In case of such an event, the players involved shall be banned.

  • Never give-away your passwords to ANYONE. Make sure they are unique, strong & has not been used anywhere else, especially, on any other SA-MP server. Also, none of the LVCNR staff would ever ask you for your account password.


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