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Gameplay Rules - Further Clarification

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2016 10:16 pm
by dB.

I've been noticing that there's been some consistent confusion on the rules related to killing/attacking one another, under many specific & non-specific cases. Hence, I shall clear your confusion once for all.

Please read this carefully and abide by, as no one would be exempted on the basis of a benefit of doubt for not knowing the rules clearly.

Few terms you ought to know & understand:

DM - (Death Match) : Killing a person back to back for no reason.
RDM - Random Death Match : Killing players randomly like a kill streak, i.e., Haphazard killings.
White Player: The player blip is white in colour. Denotes that the player is an innocent civilian.
Red/Orange/Yellow Player: Denotes that the player is a wanted civilian. A wanted civilian is also termed as a red in this thread.
Cop Hunt: Quest for a cop to attack/kill him. This is not allowed except in case of a revenge (for arresting/killing the red) or in case the cop has a bounty hit.
G Abuse: When you attack/shoot players by entering as passenger of a vehicle without a driver. Also, when LEOs enter as a passenger to arrest the players in a vehicle.
LEO: Law Enforcement Officer; includes Army, CIA, FBI, Police & Secret Service (VIPs Only)

Now, The Basic Set of Rules. They shall apply everywhere over & above the specific cases:

  • In general, RDM/DM is not allowed. But, there are exceptions. Read further.
  • Whites cannot attack whites for no reason. Attacking for a revenge or a hit is allowed. (The reason must be rational though).
  • Reds cannot attack whites or vice versa, for no reason. Attacking for a revenge or a hit is allowed. (The reason must be rational though).
  • Whites can't attack a LEO for no reason. Attacking for a revenge or a hit is allowed. (The reason must be rational though).
  • LEO can't attack LEO in any case. LEO may also prefer to /report such instances.
  • Reds are allowed to attack/kill LEO, but cophunt is NOT allowed. That means, for example reds teaming up to LVPD & killing all cops; OR chasing a cop all the way just to kill him, while its not a revenge, etc.
  • Now comes the best part for DMers; Reds are ALLOWED to RANDOMLY DEATHMATCH (RDM) other reds. That is, wanted players can randomly attack other wanted players. There's no need for a reason. (Yay! I now keel all! kthxbye!)
  • LEO cannot attack whites unless its a case of self defense. LEO may also prefer to /report such instances.
Now, lets see how they work in The Specific Cases:

  • Gangwar is defined only in the gangzones. Gangwar is allowed between gangs who are involved in the zone capture/zone attack. This means, anyone can attack anyone (White vs White too? Yes!). However, LEO members of the gang are NOT allowed to participate in a gangwar. They may, however, choose to raid the zone & arrest/attack gang members without any discrimination. In short, an LEO member is not treated as your gang member. So, any discrimination/favouring by an LEO member is punishable. If LEO doesn't want to arrest/attack gang members in a zone, he can choose to stay miles away from the point of conflict. Using LEO powers/features only to seek an advantage for a specific gang is punishable. All the above tweak is allowed only for the duration of the gang activity. Once the zone is captured, the same old basic set of rules come into action. The basic rules will continue to be applicable on all the other players NOT involved in the gang war. In case there's a red non member who plans to attack a red gang member involved in a gang war, he is ALLOWED to do so. But only him & not his gang members can attack back in defense. Please note, that your gang members can defend you only in a gangwar and not anywhere else.
  • Teaming Up is allowed among civilans. Cops may team up only with innocent civilians. However, the teamed innocent civilian is bound by all the basic set of rules. Cops may not team up with a red or vice-versa.
    While there are whites & reds in your vehicle, the defense against LEO/another set of players is allowed ONLY by the Reds in the vehicle. The whites in your vehicle are NOT allowed to defend/shoot/attack. If you want them to participate in the attacking process, make sure they are turned to wanted players too. (You can ask them to gain a wanted level by robbing/raping you)

Cophunt & Revenging on cops

When a cop arrests/kills a guy, the guy can revenge back only once. That means, even if the cop has arrested/killed the guy 10 times in a row, and the guy wasn't able to successfully take his revenge, he can only revenge ONCE. So, within successive revenge you take on the cop, there can be more than 1 arrests/kills by the cop. So you see, the revenge here is NOT 1 on 1. Even if you are arrested/killed by cops 10 times in a row, you can revenge only once. That means, if you were arrested/killed by the cop when you were trying to take a revenge for the previous arrest/kill, it would count as a self defense for cop, and you can revenge only once, for both the arrests/kills by the cop.

Also, if you are revenging a cop, you got to do it in the same session within a definite time period. If you don't revenge immediately, but kill the cop in the same session few hours later as per your convenience & circumstance, it will be counted as a cop hunt & not a revenge. Also, if the cop quits, or you quit the session, and join few hours/days later, you cannot revenge on the cop. If you did, it would be a cop hunt. If you team up with another player who also has a valid revenge on a cop, and when both of you together kill the cop, the joint revenge would fulfill your respective individual revenge. That means, when you team up & jointly take the revenge, each of individual guy's revenge will be counted as done. The individuals cannot attack the cop further (while in team, or even otherwise).

What happens if a cop arrests/kills you, and changes to a civilian?

You cannot revenge on the cop turned civilian, because he had arrested/killed you as a cop, and not as a civilian. However, if the cop turned civilian changes back to cop/leo in the same session, he can be revenged back by the guy, again only within a definite period like before.

In case of any queries, confusion or more specific cases, feel free to comment here.

Re: Clarification over Rules

Posted: Sun Aug 14, 2016 6:20 pm
by pawan
A thing has happens with me many times when I fire rockets with hydra when I'm Leo the red person is driving a car and a innocent (white) person is sitting as passenger the rockets kills the white person also by the damage and I get warning of innocent kill so pls help in that case Pls.

Re: Clarification over Rules

Posted: Mon Aug 15, 2016 2:18 am
by dB.
Yes, when an innocent is traveling with a red, he's liable to get attacked. And he accompanies the red by knowing its risks very well. In such a case, your warning won't be counted.

We're as well adding additional measures to secure LEO's innocent kill case in next update.

Re: Clarification over Rules

Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2016 12:30 am
by lo0ol
most of forum rules arent in server cmd /rules
plz can u add this rules to server rules
this will make it easier for newbies and the real breakers too
and its will stop all fakes report coz most of players doing /report without knowing the rules so well

Re: Clarification over Rules

Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2016 9:28 pm
by dB.
Sure, it's been done already in the upcoming update.
You may also refer to

Re: Clarification over Rules

Posted: Sat Mar 11, 2017 7:41 pm
by dB.
-cophunt vs revenge on cops.

Re: Clarification over Rules

Posted: Sun Mar 12, 2017 12:37 am
by SpingTRAP
Read And Understood Sir!