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[Outlook/MSN/Live/Hotmail]Not receiving LVCNR Emails? Haven't received account activation email? Read this.

Posted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 11:06 pm
by dB.

If you are experiencing issues receiving email messages or account activation emails from us while using any of the following email services:

you got to white-list our email addresses. In order to do so, please follow the steps below:

The screenshots and instructions below are for, but the steps will be identical for any of these services.

Whitelisting LVCNR Email Addresses:

1. Within your,, or email account, click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand side of the window:


2. From this menu, please select "Options":


3. Then select "Safe and blocked senders":


4. Select "Safe Senders":


5. Now, you will be presented with a page that will allow you to whitelist email addresses:

To receive all emails from LVCNR please add the following exceptions:

Once you have entered these two exceptions you will immediately be able to receive all emails from us!