Leaving since nobody cares

Are you leaving? Let others know
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Leaving since nobody cares

Postby AmericanPredateur » Tue Nov 21, 2017 3:21 am

Might comeback if u fix your "bugs" and ban all rule breakers and ban evaders
must make new rules about racist players and talking sex talks and dirty things
While I played some Months on the server, I wasted some minutes on my life. I mean like foreal? Still RDMers and Copshunters and became doing whatever they like +that Rdmer's kill players just to get scores and all of this happens evryday and admins always not here even helpers got demoted for Power abusing
EsperZ Thank you for letting me play for months for fun and You said once i get banned again i will be never be unbanned again but i am not banned, i am just leaving Server and follow Kondorest. And also this is the reason why i am leaving the server all old players are gone which make the server kinda not enjoyable anymore because the older players are better than 2017 players. db. , GLTh3Pr0 and EsperZ thank you for the Purge you did because it was fun even the other players didn't enjoy it because they are saying all of you were Abusing but you didn't told them to attack you so that was a Good Reason for them to understand.

I am moving to other server so i can move on and Enjoy my life again. I will join server like Role players server i won't say any name of Role play server because it will be counted as a Advertising and i don't want to be forum banned because i still care about my Account. If you see me in any Role play server, it will be nice to meet you there. I might not just play GTA SA:MP Anymore if i can't find any Good server to play with.

My favorite old Players was AndreiAndal aka xxMACHINExx, Pawan, SpringFredBonnie, Shahank, EsperZ, Vortex, dB, WafRex.OG . SRT. Kingshah, TVR's , Ays_kyub, Aria and Kondorest Desperado Crazyqueen Secretboss Judah Osami Qamar Soulz_X my leder GT and noob henry . They were a Old players and some of the admins are old too but they are inactive so you won't notice. I still have enjoyed LVCNR and it was fun to play with all of you, Specially Desperado&GT. :(

i will back when admins fix the server & ban the rule breakers

it was fun but playin with yall.
Now dont ask me to giveaway my money/houses
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Re: Leaving since nobody cares

Postby SilentKenshin » Tue Nov 21, 2017 5:44 am

Bye :(
btw danfrez pm me if you got this 'leaving thread' template for sale, im interested too :(

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Re: Leaving since nobody cares

Postby Nucleya » Tue Nov 21, 2017 10:05 am

You forgot to paste DanFrez’s quotes
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Re: Leaving since nobody cares

Postby Avesta » Wed Nov 22, 2017 1:53 am

I hope you'll come back soon.

Aria 8)
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