Leaving since nobody cares : To Admins and to Aria, KINGSHAH, SoulZ_X and TVR_Lemonade

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Re: Leaving since nobody cares : To Admins and to Aria, KINGSHAH, SoulZ_X and TVR_Lemonade

Postby Pawaana » Sat Oct 21, 2017 8:23 am


Remove this shit.
I'am coming for you

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Re: Leaving since nobody cares : To Admins and to Aria, KINGSHAH, SoulZ_X and TVR_Lemonade

Postby AmericanPredateur » Tue Nov 21, 2017 3:14 am

DannyFrez wrote:Well,

I am gonna leave LVCNR and i will come back if my problem will be fixed, but i think i won't come back again as cardon don't want me in the forum and server. I gave Ammaarii my My money and my houses from my vehicles and business.

I am leaving LVCNR because i don't want to be harm to any one anymore because it will cause depression to me again, like what happen to between me and Nucleya. Also Players don't want me because i am a lagger or something annoying i don't know. Aria and Lemonade is my friend they are the best friend in the server, both of them won't betray you trust me they won't, even if you leave hes gang or you did something wrong to him, also Lemonade he will do everything just for me and always follow what i will say to him. He be a great friend if you want to be friend with him. Also KINGSHAH and SoulZ_X

EsperZ Thank you for letting me play for months for fun and You said once i get banned again i will be never be unbanned again but i am not banned, i am just leaving Server and follow Kondorest. And also this is the reason why i am leaving the server all old players are gone which make the server kinda not enjoyable anymore because the older players are better than 2017 players. db. , GLTh3Pr0 and EsperZ thank you for the Purge you did because it was fun even the other players didn't enjoy it because they are saying all of you were Abusing but you didn't told them to attack you so that was a Good Reason for them to understand.

I am moving to other server so i can move on and Enjoy my life again. I will join server like Role players server i won't say any name of Role play server because it will be counted as a Advertising and i don't want to be forum banned because i still care about my Account. If you see me in any Role play server, it will be nice to meet you there. I might not just play GTA SA:MP Anymore if i can't find any Good server to play with.

My favorite old Players was AndreiAndal aka xxMACHINExx, Pawan, SpringFredBonnie, Shahank, EsperZ, Vortex, dB, WafRex, Predatuer_Boyka, Ays_kyub, Aria and Kondorest. They were a Old players and some of the admins are old too but they are inactive so you won't notice. I still have enjoyed LVCNR and it was fun to play with all of you, Specially CARDON. :(

It's nice to see you, But now i will say Good Bye.

"Life Time always change, it will be never the same as like what it used to be" - DanFrez

"The Newbie Cops, They kill innocents and get Warn Dialog from getting Cop banned but didn't listen." - DanFrez

"New players now this day are horrible, they can't understand english so they can't talk to you" - DanFrez

"DanFrez will be a rule breaker and a harm to the server today, yesterday and forever" - DanFrez

"Maticha will be a Administrator when he got unbanned and he will ban all hes Enemies from the server" - DanFrez

"If you done a mistake, accept it! Don't deny it! Because it has already Happened, there will be no turning back" - DanFrez

"Human make mistakes, Also Animals make mistakes so please Unban me! Animals and Humans know how to learn from their mistake, so you must know too. " - DanFrez

ur my best friend
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