[READ FIRST] Ban Appeal Rules & Format

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[READ FIRST] Ban Appeal Rules & Format

Postby Wasp » Sun Jan 03, 2016 6:32 pm


Welcome to the Ban Appeals Center. Read the following carefully before applying for an unban:


  • Only the SA-MP server related ban appeals are entertained here. If you are banned on any other platform of the LVCNR Network (like IRC, Discord, etc) use the Tickets on the User Control Panel to appeal for the same.

  • You are NOT allowed to appeal for other users, whatever the case may be. So, no excuses like "he doesn't know how to use forum", "his cat is using his computer", "he doesn't have an account", etc. Despite all this, if you are found posting an appeal for another player, you will (yes, for sure) get into trouble.

  • If your application gets denied you may re-apply only after 1 week from the date your application was denied.

  • Do not post more another appeal, if there's already an existing ones active.

  • Be patient after making an appeal. By sending PMs to other Helpers or Admins and asking them to view/comment on your appeal, will result in a straight denial of your ban appeal.

  • NO part of the application format is optional. Hence, make sure you fill up ALL of them correctly with precision. Improper & incomplete appeals shall be denied without any review.

  • When asked for the screenshot of the ban dialogue, you are required to post the screenshot which shows the reason of your ban, that is immediately displayed when you get banned in game. Appeals without screenshot will not be reviewed. No fussy details, if you don't know how to post a screenshot. So, learn it, Or stay banned.

  • Only the admins & helpers are allowed to comment on the applications. Other players, however, are allowed to post ONLY if they have something to add with a substantial proof (like a video). Baseless comments of other players will get them forum banned.

  • Making an appeal for an unban invites some basic amount of seriousness. It implies that you ought to be polite, calm & above all formal. Casual appeals with vague content, incomplete appeals, etc shall be straight away rejected. Remember, applying for an unban is not a funny deal. You are making a request to get unbanned, and hence have some concern towards a decent behaviour.


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[b]In-Game Name:
Time of ban:
Date of ban:
Your Country's Timezone:
Why were you banned?:
Why should you be unbanned?(Explanation):
Screenshot of the ban dialog:[/b]
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Re: Ban Appeal Format

Postby dB. » Tue May 22, 2018 1:17 pm

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