Unban Appeal

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Unban Appeal

Postby khizaralifarooqui » Mon Mar 30, 2020 2:57 am

In-Game Name: Ak.
Time of ban: I didn't remember, But i guess 1 Year ago :|
Date of ban: I didn't remember, But as i stated up
Your Country's Timezone: Time zone in Pakistan (GMT+5)
Why were you banned?: Annoying players/breaking rules is not 'fun'. Take a break.
Why should you be unbanned?(Explanation): I just wanted to come back & enjoy some old days, I don't know if you'll unban but i hope so i wonder when i'm gonna unban what i'm gonna do well have many friends to invite in server, so i do hope you'll unban me, i just dont know what i did but i prefer not anyone to do it aswell me :3 thanks
Screenshot of the ban dialog: cannot open the game at the moment
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