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LVCNR New Forum

Postby dB. » Sun May 12, 2019 6:12 pm

The new premium forum, a Xenforo software, is ready and has been launched. Visit and register your new accounts. The forum account activation is through email, so make sure you enter a working email ID of yours, and don't forget to check the spam folders of your inbox. The new forum has enormous features specially for user customization, look & feel. Feel free to explore around on the new forum.

You will need at least 5 valid posts to be able to get full forum access. Your posts, until then, would be manually approved by the admins. So, please don't raise this as a 'problem/issue/bug'.
In case of any other issues that you might face, feel free to bring it to our notice.

Make sure you don't impersonate by creating others' accounts on the forum. Every forum account will be verified via the discord bot again, so make sure you don't waste your time on trying to impersonate as another user. The discord verification process will be very similar to how you verified before. The only difference is that the 'discord key' shall now be entered in the new forum.
Go to User Account Details => Discord Verification Key. Type "/help" as a PM/DM to @LVCNR-Bot#5456 for details.

Once you link your discord account with the new forum account of yours, you will automatically get a new role on discord, "Verified'.
If you are finding it difficult to follow the above instructions, please don't worry as a detailed tutorial shall be surfaced shortly.

We once again thank our donators for generously donating to the community, without who, such premium & featured incorporation to the LVCNR Network, couldn’t have been possible.

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