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An Appeal to the players

Posted: Fri Sep 01, 2017 1:01 am
by dB.
Dear All,

It has come to our notice that some players are facing trouble in seeing our server on the SA-MP browser client, and also seeing it as locked/closed. Well, this is not true, the server is neither locked, nor closed. This issue is being causing to a few since there's a IP spoofing flood attack going on over all the hosted tab premium listed SA-MP servers for about a week now. The SA-MP Management is already aware of this and we are continuously in touch with them with regard to any measure that is taken by them to curb these attacks. So, meanwhile if you see that the server is not being queried by the browser, or it looks locked, or even if it looks closed; don't go by that, but simply connect to it. You'll land up into the server despite your browser showing "not responding" error.

We'll keep you updated in case there's anything valuable to share here.